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Team members: Ryan Ashton - Head of PSHE / Fitness Club (aspiring to be healthy / definitely wouldn't say fit). Ben Jones - Student deputy of the fitness club. Peter Musgrave - Founding member of the club. Skye Banks - Founding member of the club.

Team members: Ryan Ashton – Head of PSHE / Fitness Club (aspiring to be healthy / definitely wouldn’t say fit). Ben Jones – Student deputy of the fitness club. Peter Musgrave – Founding member of the club. Skye Banks – Founding member of the club.

Manchester Teacher Nominated by Students

Manchester teacher, Ryan Riccio Ashton (Head of PSHE) at UTCMediaCityUK has been nominated by his students to take part in the 5k inflatable obstacle course Gung-ho! , raising money for BBC’s Children in Need appeal in April. Ryan will be joined on this mammoth task of endurance by Ben Jones – (student deputy of the fitness club). Peter Musgrave – (founding member of the club) and Skye Banks – (another founding member of the club).

“We are doing our thing for BBC Children in Need! As a grant maker, they support disadvantaged children and young people all across the UK and right here in the heart of Salford. With our support, they are able to change almost half a million young lives across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland every single year. 

Working and living in Salford, we see all of the incredible work they do every single day. We aim to give a little back by running Gung-Ho! Which is an inflatable 5K run. This will be filmed and shared across all social media platforms at the UTC.

We are putting ourselves through this pain and embarrassment with the hopes of raising a minimum of £500 for children in Salford who are facing a range of disadvantages such as poverty, being disabled or ill, or experiencing distress, neglect or trauma.

Here are just some ways the money we raise could be spent:
£15 – means an 8 year old boy, whose brother died in a car accident, can
complete a session of bereavement counselling, to help him manage his emotions and return to his regular school routine.

£20 – pays for a therapy session for a young boy with alcoholic parents,
helping him understand their illness and manage his anxieties.

£40 – helps support a 17-year-old girl who was dependant on drugs to turn her life around and find a job.

£100 – pays for a support session in a refuge for a group of children escaping domestic violence, where they can feel safe and begin to be themselves again.

This is a cause that is very close to all 4 of us and is something we are very proud to run for. Please donate what you can and help support this incredible cause.”source –  www.justgiving.com/fundraising/utcgungho


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Gina Cutillo (46)

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