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Can we ask you to stop what you’re doing just for a minute and let us introduce you to Gina Cutillo…

One day not so long ago, we were just looking around at what’s out there on Twitter and we happened to fall upon an amazing girl from the States called Gina Cutillo. She looked and sounded interesting, so we stated to follow her to find out more. She hit us back with “What type of music do you like” and from that moment we entered into the start of a great and very interesting chat…

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Where did you grow up. In big or little family?
– “I grew up on Long Island, NY in a very big family that’s still growing. My Dad (100% Italian) is from Brooklyn and my Mom (50% Irish & Puerto Rican) was born in Manhattan. Both of my parents are 1 of 5 children. I am also 1 of 5 children. So yea lots of cousins and uncles and brothers lol. My moms Irish side is enormous her mother is 1 of 13 children.”
Gina Cutillo (27)Who or what got you into music in the first place?
– “My Mother. She loved to sing. She was in bands and had an agent in California but ultimately decided to raise a family as having 5 kids and a music career would be impossible. She taught me how to sing and do harmonies. Introduced me to some great music growing up. Motown, Blues, Doo-Wop, etc.”
What was your first public performance like. Did you love it, hate it, do great or make a mess?
– “I guess it was in grade school. I played clarinet and sang in Chorus. It was not a mess lol. However the first and only solo I tried out for in chorus was awful. I was so nervous with solo stage fright! Go figure.. That all changed in College when I formed a band.”
Who are your influences, the people you look up to and not just musically?
– “Musically first would be Madonna, Michael Jackson, The Motown Greats, Etta James, Patsy Cline, Sheryl Crow, Nirvana, Hole, PJ Harvey, Oasis, Streisand and so many more. Outside of music Meryl Streep, The Kennedy’s, The Royal Family and anyone that is doing good for mankind.”
Have you won many awards?
– “I have won a few yes. Best Female Vocalist of Long Island and Best Songwriter.” – (read her biog on Last FM)
Gina Cutillo - The Band

Gina Cutillo – The Band

Do you always perform as a solo artist or are you, or have you been part of a group or band?

– “When I perform now it’s with my band under my name like Sheryl Crow does or PJ. I was in a band before I became “Gina Cutillo”. That band was called “supergenius””
I see you can play guitar and keyboards, anything else and which do you prefer?
– “I play a little of everything but I truly love the drums!!”
Do you perform just your own material or do you like to do covers every now and again, if so who?
– “Mostly my own material. I did do a remake of Til’ Tuesday’s song “Voices Carry” on my 2nd album From Here to Desire.”
I see you have had songs on Oprah wow!!!. Did you get to perform them on her show?
– “Many of my songs get licensed on TV Shows, Commercials and Films.  So yes I have had my songs on Oprah, Degrassi, Nickelodeon, Hyundai Commercial, MLB, Food Network and so many more.”
You have surrounded yourself and work with some of the best in the music industry but who’s the one person living or dead who you wish you could have performed or written with?
– “My writing wish goes as follows: Kara Dioguardi, Lady Gaga, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Madonna and Beyonce’. Would have loved to written with Prince. I did perform on stage with him though so that was amazing enough.”
Gina Cutillo (1)You have a great sense of styling when it comes to your “look”, is that all of your own choice of have you had a little professional help in that direction?
– “I love fashion so it’s all me!! unless you don’t like it then I will put it on someone else. LOL Seriously it’s me.”
You keep yourself and your figure in tip top shape, have you always had in general a healthy lifestyle or is it something you are conscious of because of your public image?
– “I have always been pretty fit. The more in evolved in the music business the more I started to work out for more of a healthy release. It can be stressful. Now it’s just so part of my life. I do make conscious choices of what I eat. Everything in moderation except for this past weekend. I need to get to the gym!”
Gina Cutillo (39)When you write new material, what comes first for you, the words or the music?
– “I would have to say 8 out of 10 it’s the music. Whether it’s a beat, a synth part, or guitar progression. When something feels sexy to me it just hits me inside and I start writing lyric and melody.”
Where would your dream video shoot be and what would it be themed on?
– “My dream video shoot would be in the infamous Silvercup Studios because NYC is my love and the theme would be reminiscent of Borderline.. Actually I just gave away the next video idea for my new album. LOL”
What would say your future holds for you?
– “My future holds everything and anything I have always wanted. The album will drop in the summer and become a huge hit! Then the skies the limit.Like SIA I will write for others too. I enjoy producing, writing and creating. I love telling stories about life and experiences.”
Gina Cutillo (9)Would you be happy being known as a great musician and singer or are you hungry for a little bit fame as well?
– “I think you can’t have one without the other… so that’s a trick question. I did not get into singing and writing to be famous. It’s more of a sickness I can’t get away from lol But I will say no performer can deny the need that we have inside of us to be looked at or our bizarre need for mass attention.”
Have your written anything for anyone else?
– “I have.”
If you had the choice between having a huge hit album or the chance to be featured as part of the soundtrack to a blockbuster movie, what would it be?
– “uh huge hit album lol”
Are any other members of you family performers of any kind?
– “Oh they’re performers alright!! My brother Nick can mutilate any Sinatra song when the karaoke machine comes out. I do see the new generation getting the bug of performing. My little 5 year old niece Stella – she LOVES to perform and sing. I have a feeling she’ll be next up.”
How would you describe your style of music and writing?
– “Pop/Rock Electro Pop”
Most songs are based on the writers real life experiences so which was the hardest one for you to write and perform and which was happiest / easiest?
– “I would have to say Take Me Over from my album From Here to Desire and Fly (Feel Love Tonight) my current single that will be on the new album were the hardest.
The Easiest hmmmm well thats already released would be The Inside. I’m not sure any are easy. They all mean something very special to me.”
Gina Cutillo (22)When you write new material, does it just come to you in a flash and written down in 20 minutes or is it more of a long drawn out and considered thing?
– “Always depends. Fly (FLT) came in a flash. It was amazing then there are others that need a little more finessing like sometimes I have a great beat and synth part a kinda cool melody but the big chorus won’t come to me right away so I put it down and go back with a fresher mind. I have re-written songs from top to bottom.”
Have you goal in mind, a target to reach, something that you want to do and when you achieve it you will be happy in yourself or do you just take each day as it comes and work hard?
– “I always have goals. Some bigger than others. I think if you’re passionate and love what you do you will always be reaching especially if you stay true and inspired. The day I don’t want to reach any goals with my music is the day I give it up.”
When you make it really big worldwide, what is the one thing that you would spend your money on if money was no object, something completely indulgent and just for you?
– “oooo this is a good question and it has to be just for me?!! Probably a yacht. I love the water. I’d also like a penthouse in Tribeca. 🙂 But outside of self indulgent I plan to give back in so many ways.”
Are you a night time person and an early bird?
– “I am both! Depends what is needed of me. I have a 4 year old son so I usually have no choice but to be up early.”
New single aside, what are you currently most proud of that you have achieved or done?
– “Toured on Warped Tour. Such a grueling tour.. but I did it and it was fantastic!
– Thank you 20/20 for making this happen ;P Gina x”
We’d like to thank to say a huge thanks to Gina for taking the time to talk to us and we hope that the rest of you will check out here current album and new release’s as she makes them available online.
We can’t wait to see here perform over here in the UK and look forward to when it happens.
You might not of heard of before, but you have now and we’re pretty sure that you will hear a lot more of her in the future.

Remember the name “Gina Cutillo”

Gina Cutillo’s Dicography includes:-

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