Miss Abigail Rich

Abigail Rich - International Glamour Model - Author - Playboy Playmate

Miss Abigail Rich – International Glamour Model – Author – Playboy Playmate

Texan Playboy Playmate and International Glamour Model

Miss Abigail Rich –

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The Public Representation of Miss Abigail Rich is “exclusively” represented by 20 20 Exposure in the UK

As well as being a well-traveled International Glamour Model and a popular Playboy Playmate, Abigail is now also an accomplished author. In 2016 she launched her biography.

Later in on 2017 Abigail will be attending the University of London to take a masters degree in the world of media. She is very much astute and driven business woman who likes to be as hands on as possible. She has surrounded herself with an impressive team of representatives in her home state of Texas in America who look after all her business interests. She’s a very switched on lady and likes to know and understand every aspect of what makes herself as, “Miss Abigail Rich” such a popular and marketable product.

This year, 20 20 Exposure were selected by Abigail and her team to represent her UK interests for modeling contracts, appearances, book signings, castings, press releases, interviews and photo shoots.

Past Clients

Abigail has built up a wealth of clients over the last ten years as her career has rocketed. It has grown beyond her own expectations and she has been lucky enough to be engaged by some exclusive and leading brand names in the world of beauty, fashion and makeup. Some of her clients include…


Abigail is available for contracted modeling assignments, photo shoots and product endorsements throughout the UK. Terms can be negotiated with Abigail’s management team and are subject to certain requirements and conditions.

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Abigail is a well-traveled and very experienced international glamour model and actress. She has appeared in a number of big-budget Hollywood blockbusters. She has been described as a natural actor, able to to take direction and learn lines quickly.

As you would expect of an international glamour model, she has a sensational figure and cuts a striking image with her big, long strawberry blonde hair and piercing green eyes.

Abigail was born in Dallas, Texas and as a babe in arms well was very badly treated and looked after by her mother, who went on to lose her to social services when Abigail was the mere age of two months old.

She grew up moving from one foster family to another until she reached 17 where she found home with her grandparents. As she grew up she had no real direction in mind and didn’t really know what to do, but she did know that she wanted to help people in some way.

Not long after leaving high-school she applied for, trained and became fully fledged paramedic. he worked her way you the ranks and quickly found herself working as a flight media on an air ambulance helicopter as part of an elite flying paramedic crew.

Tragedy struck in the early part of 2000, when while out on an emergency call and airlift, her helicopter crashed.

Abigail was very badly injured and it was thought that she wouldn’t pull through, but after three lifesaving surgeries within the space of 48 hours, the medical team looking after stabilised her. Despite the fact she received over 200 staples, 400 stitches and countless steel plates holding her many broken bones together, she was alive, but only just.

She had been put into an induced coma to help her badly broken body try to recover. A life support machine was the only thing keeping her alive at this stage. The surgical team warned her family and friends that Abigail only had a 1% chance of survival and there was a possibility that she may never wake up. They suggested that if there was no improvement soon that it might be best to take her off life-support.

It didn’t look good, however, the fighter that was always there in Abigail, took over and after three months she ended up coming round and without help managed to walk out of hospital. During a short period of time of rehabilitation Abigail had time to think and decided that “life is too short” and that she wanted to continue to help other people and show them that they can overcome any difficulties placed in the way. Although she made an attempt to get back into the saddle of the air ambulance service, Abigail found the experience brought just back too many insecurities that had resulted from her traumatic crash.

In a chance meeting with a promoter was offered a job as a glamour model, a career that she adopted with ease and with a little trepidation. Some of her first assignments involved in appearing at trade shows, modeling fashion and developed a skill of being a modeling spokesperson for various products and services. This all pushed her forward into becoming a published international glamour model.

Abigail has since gone on to appear in many well-known and reconised international magazines. She has also achieved the title and honor of being named America’s Sweetheart. As a former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, Abigail has a staggering following in her home state of Texas, they simply love her.

Abigail Rich - International Glamour Model - Author - Playboy Playmate

Abigail Rich – International Glamour Model – Author – Playboy Playmate

One of the high points of her career was when she became one of the world famous Bunnies at the Playboy Club at Palms Casino in Las Vegas Nevada.

Sadly the very last Playboy Club in the United States has now closed, however, Abigail remained with the Playboy brand and to this day continues to hold the title of Playboy Bunny at the Playboy mansion in Hollywood, California.

She recently completed an Easter themed photoshoot, Playboy style producing some great images that her fans from right around the world have loved and raved about.

She has now appeared in many TV adverts and commercials. She has also made a number of appearances on popular TV shows. But her big screen movie career credits are just as impressive, working alongside the likes of Matt Damon, Nicolas Cage & John Travolta.

Although firmly focused on her international career as a glamour model, Abigail continues to dip her toe into other aspects of her busy and varied life, still undertaking acting and various appearances.

Invisibly Broken www.2020Exposure.co.uk

Invisibly Broken

Most recently she has been seen promoting her personal, no holes barred biography, Invisibly Broken. It has been extremely well received and has sold out in it’s physical form in many leading book-stores.

Needless to say after such a varied and successful career she is occasionally invited on speaking engagements. Her mixed bag of life experiences that have shaped the strong woman she is today, has created the demand of her being in engaged as an inspirational speaker.

On February 13th, 2017 Abigail was successful in gaining a place at the University of London, otherwise know as the London School of Economics (London England U.K.) It is well known the world over for being one of the most Prestigious & Exclusive Universities in the world. As part of her studies she will be working towards her bachelor’s degree in International Relations, a great qualification for someone who travels the world representing herself, her state, her country and Playboy magazine.

There have been a number famous individuals have passed through this university, both as staff or students, including at least 4 monarchs, 52 presidents and prime ministers, 74 Nobel laureates, six Grammy winners, two Oscar winners and three Olympic gold medalists, and now a beautiful Texan International Supermodel.

  • On 20th June back in 2013, Abigail was honored by her home state of Texas when they flew the state flag over the state capital in Austin in her honor.
  • In November 2014 Abigail was featured in Playboy in two different countries.
  • On March 5TH, 2015 BWD Magazine announced that Abigail was their “2015 Cover Model of the Year”.
  • In August 2015 Abigail was again featured as a Playboy Playmate is 2 different countries.
  • In February 2016 Abigail was featured as a Playboy Playmate in several more countries, earning her the title as one of Playboy’s most popular International Playmates.
  • On July 1ST, 2016 BWD Magazine’s international edition announced Abigail as “2016’s most beautiful woman”. Her career continues to grow all the while she still maintains the small town Texas cowgirl attitude.
  • On February 13th, 2017 Abigail was accepted to the University of London, London School of Economics, located in London England U.K.

If you are interested in engaging the services of Miss Abigail Rich please email us giving full details

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