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Joshua Bradley

The 20 20 Exposure review of the Joshua Bradley refurbishment
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20 20 Exposure review of Hydes Brewery's Joshua Bradley

20 20 Exposure review of Hydes Brewery’s Joshua Bradley (0161 406 6776)

A little over six years ago Hydes Brewery bought the imposing 19th-century former private hall, Bamford Hall and set to work spending a little over £3m converting it to one of the finest and best looking, not to mention furnished drinking and food establishments around the Hyde, Stockport and Tameside area.

It was decided that after six very successful years serving the local community and beyond that the Joshua Bradley had to up it’s game. Although it’s been well known for it’s amazing food at reasonable prices and the fact that it offers the hospitality that is demanded these days by the discerning diner and drinker, it was time to sprinkle some magic on it.

When Hydes Brewery create a venue, they look into every detail and aspect. They keep up with current tends and styles and most importantly they tailor each venue to it individual needs, desires and wants, while keeping in mind the community it serves.

The plans for the scheduled refurbishment got underway, examining what could be improved, changed, removed, added or highlighted to appeal further to a local growing customer base. Not radically changing the whole aspect of the character of the Joshua Bradley, but highlighting features and the character of this fine establishment that people were just unaware of. There had been a small section of the community that were completely unaware of the existence of the Joshua Bradley. With the publicity of the the refurbishment, hype surrounding it and some great social media chatter, this too has been addressed.

In the past active engagement on social media hasn’t been a strong point, but along with the stylish new look of the place comes a team of people who will be able to answer questions and enquiries through the Joshua Bradley Facebook page and their Twitter account within a few minutes of asking.

The physical refurbishment of the Joshua Bradley took three weeks all in all, but was well worth the wait. When we were invited down to look the place over and offer our opinion of the improvements we were very keen and happy to accept. As previous visitors to the Joshua Bradley we were expecting to see a fresh lick of paint and a few bits of furniture replaced or moved around, but nothing could prepare us for what we were greeted with…

As we turned into and up the long sweeping driveway we noticed right away the new clear open aspect of the venue as a whole, giving us a full “land-scopic” view of the front elevation. Previously the majesty of the Joshua Bradley had been hidden to a small degree by a gathering of large conifers. These have been removed completely and the large over sized flowerbed on the left hand side had also been completely replaced by an angled bank of freshly laid grass. Smaller and much younger trees had been installed on the very edge of the driveway and have been adorned by white, Christmas tree style lights. We immediately felt special and were drawn into a magical and exciting atmosphere.

As we walked through the main door, located to the left of this imposing regal building, we were greeted by the manager, Riccardo Maiolani. He offered us a welcome drink which we gladly accepted as he stopped for a moment to chat before he began a guided grand tour of his new domain. He was brimming with pride as we wandered through each room, pointing out the subtle changes to us as we went.

The transformation had been incredible. It was very stylish before the refurb, but what we witnessed took it into a whole different ballgame. It was slick, it was stylish, it was panache to the extreme. If this venue ever lacked any mojo in the first place, which it didn’t, it certainly has it now, in abundance.

After we picked our jaws back up off the floor, we tried to look for negative points but failed miserably. It’s a venue in a class of it’s own. To say it’s upped it’s game is an understatement. It can easily compete against exclusive city centre bars, restaurants and the much sought out “secret bars” that are usually patronised by the trendy set. The Joshua Bradley now has class with more than a dash of elegance.

The decor was slick, the styling was impeccable and the total ambiance was so, so enthusing. The new furniture, glass and metal fittings and deep colour scheme immediately said to us opulence. The snug is styled on the theme of the area’s history the cotton industry, with the decor reflecting the fact. We felt special just for being in the same building as the multitude who had, like us gathered to experience the full impact of this phoenix, reborn from the ashes of it’s previous incarnation.

In this new look, new feel Joshua Bradley they retained, as they ought to, the tradition of offering cask ales. On the drinks front the Joshua also had a great reputation with it’s extensive range of quality and exclusive wines and spirits, which it has maintained, built upon and carried forward into this new era.

The Joshua Bradley has become not just a great local pub and restaurant that locals pop into for a bite to eat or drink, but a fantastic place that people will want to travel to, to enjoy and be part of an experience. It’s a place that people will talk about and will keep talking about.

We visited the Joshua Bradley on it’s regular “Fizzy Friday“, which speaks for it’self. They also have Live Entertainment on a regular basis as well. They also host a Monday night “Smartphone Quiz Night” (The Hot Spot Quiz), presented by their resident DJ Dave Bradley, who’s no relation to the venues iconic namesake, just a happy coincidence.

Although not part of this lavish and sparkly new refurb, the Joshua Bradley has it’s own function suite next door, the Bluebell Suite. It’s a bright and airy modern multi level building annexed to the main Joshua Bradley building. It can cater up to 120 people seated and is a very popular place to hold a wedding or party celebration. This function suite is also home to a regular and popular comedy night.

Our overwhelming opinion was that the Joshua Bradley had grown up, it’s gone from a budding, confident and out to impress venue, into it’s own sensational, slick and spectacular skin and was a fine and very imposing representation of what a top class brewery like Hydes can produce. Setting the standards that others have to strive to try to match.

Address – The Joshua Bradley,Stockprot Road, Gee Cross, Stockport Sk14 5EZ


Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/thejoshuabradley


Email – joshuabradley@hydesbrewery.com

Phone – 0161 406 6776

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